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Short Term Loans

We will use our intelligent search software to compare the best short-term loans available to you. We are a licensed credit broker and not a lender.

What are Short Term Loans?

In many ways, a Short-Term Loan is similar to a 'Payday Loan' in that it can help you get out of a tricky financial situation fast. They are short term loans for a reason – they should not be used over a long period of time. Always check the full repayment amount on your payday loan before committing.

Short term loans are fast and easy to secure, and as you are agreeing to pay the money back fast, they are less of a risk for the lender. But, unless you can actually afford to pay the loan back within the agreed repayment schedule, you may struggle to meet the increasingly high levels of interest.

Short term loan interest rates vary depending on the size of the loan, your credit history and the repayment schedule. This type of borrowing tends to be flexible, but it’s best to borrow small amounts of money at a time to avoid getting into repayment trouble.

Payday loans can seem deceptively ‘easy’ and can be harmful if you are not used to managing your own finances. Just make sure that you have selected a short term loan that is right for you, and that you are dealing with a reputable lender.

With Oink Money, our simple application process can match you with the right lender for your circumstances and needs. You can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we only work with the UK's most reputable lenders, and the funds can be with you in as little as 10 minutes* after approval.

What can I do with a short term loan?

A short term loan can help you out when you are suddenly hit by a payment that you have to make, or you are caught short because you haven’t been paid yet. Payday loans are often seen as a source of emergency funding and are a temporary financial measure you can lean on if something goes wrong. Cash loans are a quick and easy way to access money fast, but they are not a viable long-term financial strategy.

Why are there such high interest rates?

Short-term loans often have huge interest rates and annual percentage rates (APRs), because they are meant to be repaid over a matter of weeks or months, not years. It’s important to understand what an interest rate means as getting it wrong could mean that you have to repay the original loan amount back tenfold. All the astronomical APRs quoted can make it hard to navigate what is a good deal – look at the total repayment rate instead to get a realistic idea of what you’ll actually be paying.

How much money can I borrow?

Short term loans usually range from small amounts like £100, up to larger sums like £5000; but it’s not a good idea to borrow a large amount of money without a solid guarantee that you will be able to pay it back within the specified time. Make sure that you look at the total amount payable when you apply for a loan to a get a realistic idea of how much it will be actually costing you.

How soon do I have to pay it back?

The sooner, the better. You can pay short term loans back in a matter of months, or you may be given up to a year to pay it all back (but the longer you wait, the more interest you’ll have to pay). You can select the number of repayments you wish to make when you first apply for the loan, making it easy for you to plan and budget. However, you must ensure that you can keep to the loan repayment schedule as penalties for missing a payment can be substantial. Sometimes you can shorten the repayment time by paying the loan back early – check with your lender whether this is an option for you and whether any penalties will apply.

Is a short-term loan right for me?

Short term loans get bad press because people take them out without fully comprehending the financial implications and get themselves into debt. Short term loans are completely safe and secure if they are managed right, but they should never be used as long-term financial aid. Mismanaging payday loan repayments can negatively impact your credit score, and you will be hit by expensive missed or late repayment fees. Be careful about payday lenders who take money from your account on a continuous basis. Other types of loan tailored to your personal circumstances are available, such as bad credit loans which can help with repairing your credit score. We recommend checking all of the offers available to you before proceeding.

How to get the best short term loans

You can apply for short term loans online, but watch out for hidden moneylender fees when applying elsewhere. Make sure that you have got a competitive repayment schedule and that you aren’t paying lots of interest on the repayments you agree to make. Always make your repayments promptly to get the best deal and protect your credit score. Short term loans are completely safe if you budget for them correctly – just don’t overestimate your ability to make repayments and shop around a bit until you find the best loan deal for you.

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