About Us

Doing Loans Differently

Oink Money is the simplest way to get the best loan deal, tailored to your personal circumstances.

Using our award-winning technology we match thousands of applicants in the UK with a lender, every single day. Our software accesses and cross-checks every deal from over 40 lenders within a matter of seconds, matchmaking your details to ensure a good fit. We cut out the need for filling in countless application forms or having numerous credit searches on your file.

We won't perform a credit check as part of our application process, but some of the lenders we work with will carry out a search in order to finalise your agreement.

Not convinced? Give us a try - it's completely free, there's no obligation and the quick application process won't take you more than a few minutes.

A Small Team with a Big Plan

We are a small team made up of experienced financial industry specialists and developers. Together, we want to change the way you apply for a loan. Our friendly and innovative approach combined with industry-leading technology means you can be sure you're actually getting the best deal. You shouldn't have to worry about jargon, bloated application forms or brokerage fees - we try to turn a tedious task into a fast* and pleasant experience (we find having a cup of tea nearby helps the process even further).

Oink Money is not a lender but we provide a free and licensed credit brokering service. We introduce borrowers and lenders for quick and reliable loans* which are right for you. Why limit yourself to the best deals on offer from just a single lender? Apply with Oink Money today!

*Subject to individual lender approval and requirements